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Steamed Cheeseburger Recipe – Original

Recipe Description:

Our Original recipe is the standard recipe for how to make steamed cheeseburgers using our steamed cheeseburger maker kit. This delicious original recipe is great to start with for making steamed cheeseburgers at home for first time or experienced steamers looking for the classic steamed cheeseburger. This recipe includes ground beef, steamed to perfection along with melted cheese you can smother all over the bun. With our Steamed Cheeseburger Maker kit, you can make 2 burgers at a time while steaming the cheese.

Estimated Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Estimated Cooking Time:

20 Minutes

Ready In

25 – 30 Minutes

Meal Type



Tools Needed:

Recipe Instructions:

Recipe Preparation:

  1. Using a 10″ or larger frying pan, place frying pan on the stove top
  2. Add 4 cups of water (1.5 full drinking cups) in the pan
  3. Insert steaming base unit into pan with water
  4. Turn on stove top range to high and wait for water to come to a boil, with top on pan
  5. Using 1 – 2 of the steaming trays, fill and pack with ground beef (the more packed the bigger and more filling the burger)
  6. When the water has come to a boil in the pan, insert packed steaming tray(s) into the pan and place a cover over top of the pan
  7. Let meet steam for 20 minutes (set 20 min countdown timer on phone/stove)
  8. Every 5 or so minutes, remove top and use a mini spatula to push meet in trays down to help drain the burger of water, grease, and fat
  9. After pressing each burger down, use mini spatula to drain by lifting the tray tab and tipping the tray to a 85 degree angle
  10. Once drained, replace pan top
  11. Use the waiting time to prepare your bun(s). Toast and add condiments (Recommended)
  12. Using  your favorite type of cheese,  fill the remaining tray with cheese
  13. Depending on the type of cheese, place the cheese tray in the pan before the burgers are done being steamed, add 1 tray with cheese.
  14. place cheese in pan for
    1. 1 inch block cheese | 9-10 min
    2. full tray of shredded cheese | 3 -5 min
    3. full tray of sliced cheese | 3 -5 min
  15. Check the cheese tray every few minutes to check it’s melting state  (help cheese melt faster by breaking it up with mini spatula)
  16. When the cheese in melted, remove the cheese tray from the pan (do not drain cheese tray)
    1. if you find the cheese to be too watery, simply wait for cheese to cool)
  17. When the burgers have been in for 20 min, remove the burger tray(s) from the pan using a mini spatula 
  18. Use the mini spatula to remove the burgers and place them on the buns
  19. Tip the cheese tray over the steamed burgers to smother the cheese on each burger (one full cheese tray is enough cheese for 2 burgers)
  20. Finish topping off the burger(s)
  21. Enjoy
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