Calling All Restaurants

does your restaurant serve steamed cheeseburgers?

Steamed Cheeseburger Maker is seeking restaurants that serve steamed cheeseburgers, to be promoted as steamed cheeseburger restaurant of the week on our social media platforms

Introducing our restaurant finder

From day one, Team Steam decide to put our main mission to focus on growing the steamed cheeseburger community. Growing the steamed cheeseburger community is soo important to us, that over at team steam, we added a restaurant finder on our site with a list of places across the United States that we could find that serve steamed cheeseburgers and the list is only growing.

Are you on the list? Check out our restaurant finder

Participate in restaurant of the week

What is Restaurant Of The Week?

We are now promoting the same restaurants that we already have listed on our steamed cheeseburger restaurant finder and seeking more restaurants that are currently serving steamed cheeseburger on their menu to join our list for free.

Our Restaurant of the week is a promotion event we offer by promoting a restaurant that currently serves steamed cheeseburgers. For one week we will will promote your restaurant on our social media with our pre-designed templates.

What are the requirements?

Facebook Template Example

Our Promotion Templates

IG Template Example

We have made several perfectly sized templates for our social media platforms to easily promote your restaurant by adding your provided image of a steamed cheeseburger you serve along with your restaurant’s address.

To see a sample of all of our available social media templates please download our sample pack. Our sample pack is full of the templates that we will use to promote your restaurant on our social media platforms. 

Pack templates last updated: July 28, 2021 

Pick Any

Standard Promotion Package

Promotion Post to Facebook & Instagram
$ 25 one time per promotion
  • Facebook Promotion
  • Instagram Promotion
  • One Time Post On Each Platform

Story Promotion Package

Story Promotion Post to Facebook & Instagram for 7 days of the week
$ 50 one time per week promotion
  • Instagram Story Promotion
  • Facebook Story Promotion
  • Facebook and Instagram story posted once daily for 7 days

Pick Bundles

Promotion & Story Bundle

Promotion Bundle
$ 75 one time per week promotion
  • Facebook Promotion
  • Instagram Promoation
  • List Item #3

How to Get started

Simply fill out the form below with the restaurant details, contact info and promotion packages you are interested in choosing and our team should get back to you in the next few business days to verify your restaurant, gather a image of a steamed cheeseburger made by your restaurant and to book a available week to promote your restaurant. 

Thank you for your interest in promoting your restaurant on our social media platforms

Please fill ou the following multi-step form with your info and we will be reaching out to you shortly with more details. 

Note: All submissions are subject to review by our team